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The best kept hunting secret of the South Pacific


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Since they were released in the 1840s the Banteng did not travel far from their point of origin and the original free range heard remains confined to the Cobourg / Murgenella Region.

GOE’s concession borders the Garig National Park (Formerly Cobourg) and has a topography that suits the Banteng much better than the national park.


Banteng in Australia

The animals in this area have access to much better food year round than the animals next door in the Park, because of this they grow out to their full potential.


Over the past few years GOE has harvested many top ten animals and currently has the #1 Riffle bull, #2 Bow and Arrow and the new Pending #1 overall taken with a Bow, and we still haven’t harvested the biggest bulls we have seen!


The Banteng is much more elusive than the buffalo, usually found feeding in the burnt light savannah country in the region. Banteng are very alert and not usually seen from the vehicle so most animals are spotted on foot. The typical day starts out early walking feeding areas looking for spore.


During the heat of the day Banteng usually retreat to the thick bush to bed, but as the afternoon cools they make their way to water and usually less alert and easier to approach. Banteng populations in GOE’s exclusive concession are great and clients will see many shootable bulls each day of the 6 day hunt.

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